Special Guest Speakers

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Monday November 26

Coffs Harbour Showground
8am to 3pm (coffee from 7.30am)

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Guest Speakers

Be inspired and informed by an amazing line up of guest speakers at FoodCon 2018.

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Paul West

Chef, broadcaster, author and advocate for real food, sustainable agriculture, community and regional living

As the host of four series of SBS TV’s A River Cottage Australia, audiences followed Paul’s journey to grow farm-fresh food, then cook and share it with his local community, sharing the wins and cock-ups along the way. The chef-turned-sustainable farmer, along with his scene-stealing canine sidekick Digger, entertained viewers with his cooking, his charm and his introductions to the local country characters.

Now, around Australia, audiences enjoy catching Paul as he travels the country speaking about sustainable farming and organic food, hosting cooking demonstrations at food festivals, and more recently as guest presenter on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia, Back Roads and science program Catalyst, and presenter on ABC radio.

Paul has worked in all areas of food production, from WWOOFing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) around Australia, growing fruit and vegetables, to cooking in the bistro of Melbourne’s renowned Vue de Monde , where Paul served his chef’s apprenticeship and met his wife, Alicia.

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Rose Wright

A thought leader in agri and culinary tourism and regional food systems

As founder and Managing Director of Regionality, Rose is a passionate and highly respected agri-food, tourism, destination management and  regional development professional, with industry leading experience in facilitation and strategy. She has been recognized as alumni of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and has achieved a Graduate Certificate in Australian Rural Leadership from James Cook University.

Rose’s career has spanned more than 30 years working in her own companies, with and for industry associations, in private, government and education sectors. The focus of her work has consistently drawn upon her inherent qualities as a leader, strategic thinker, communicator and team builder. She has a reputation for taking big picture concepts and working with a team to get the job done.

A thought leader in agri and culinary tourism and regional food systems, Rose has pioneered new approaches in the development and implementation of farm to plate value chain development and helped transform agricultural regions into food destinations.

An innovator in regional tourism and economic development, Rose has developed and applied the concept of Destination Management to engage and activate industry and community to elevate the development and marketing of regions to a new level.

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Airlie Trescowthick

A young farmer and innovator committed to making a difference to Australian agriculture

Airlie is the Founder and Managing Director of the Farm Table and Farmer Exchange, an online ecosystem that aims to reduce complexity online and connect Australian agriculture in a new and innovative way. The Farmer Exchange was recently named a Top Ten Finalist in the Regional Australia Institute’s Lightbulb Moments competition.

Before turning her attention fulltime to the Farm Table, Airlie was a Business Analyst with Macquarie Bank’s, Paraway Pastoral Co. Prior to this, Airlie worked fulltime her family’s property in Holbrook, NSW. Airlie has also completed her Masters in Food and Resource Economics at the University of British Columbia, Canada. This course combined Economics, Agribusiness and Policy.

Airlie was recently a member of Industry Advisory Group for the Government’s Farm Cooperatives and Collaboration Pilot Program. She was also named a 2016 “Tomorrow Maker” by the AMP Foundation, a 2015 RAS NSW Rural Young Achiever and 2015 Woolworths Agribusiness Scholar.

Combining her experience across commercial business, farming and corporate agriculture, Airlie has created a valuable solution to the inherent problem of accessibility to information and collaboration across the agricultural industry. She is committed to her future in farming and is a proud advocate for the Australian agricultural industry.

Airlie is currently living with her husband, Hugh, on their mixed sheep and cropping enterprise in Deniliquin, NSW. She will be joining us at FoodCon on the big screen from her farm via Skype.

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