Get Involved

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Monday November 26

Coffs Harbour Showground
8am to 3pm (coffee from 7.30am)

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Get Involved!

Make the most of the day and get more involved in FoodCon. As well as being inspired by speakers in the morning, you can highlight your business in the afternoon.

As well as being one of the focus businesses at FoodCon, you will be included on the FoodCon website, across the event social media and on email newsletters to the industry.

There are lots of different ways you can be part of FoodCon2018 – get excited and get involved and make the most of this opportunity to connect!



Book a table in the Producers Expo area to showcase your best produce and offer tastings. Highlight the unique produce and enormous variety of our region.

Included in your FoodCon ticket, you will receive free of charge:

+ a table for your display/ tastings – power if required
+ table signage for your display/ tastings
+ promotion on the FoodCon website
+ promotion on social media
+ set up on Sunday afternoon or early Monday before the event.

The timing of the Expo is 1pm to 3pm, and the Expo will be combined with the local food lunch so attendees can chat and mingle throughout. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to make the most of the day by listening to the inspiring speakers in the morning and showcasing your product and products in the Expo during the afternoon.


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Tell the audience about your business achievements and offer your top tips in the Two Minutes To Success session – yes, you only have to speak for two minutes! Connect, inspire... and help us finish the day on a high by telling our region’s real, local food stories.

This session will be part of the Expo and Local Food Lunch.

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Yep, the ultimate way to connect! Spend just one minute getting to know another member of our regional food industry in our fun ‘speed-dating’ session. Share new ideas for collaboration, solutions that work, and useful contacts – what will you learn, who will you meet and connect with?

No registration required – just get into it on the day! Bring your business cards to exchange with several ‘dates’.


Producers, speak to us about supplying your produce to our team of chefs to add to the lunch time Food Stations menu. You will receive promotion on the FoodCon website as well as signage at the event, and your produce will be tasted by all attendees!

You can also provide your own Local Food Lunch Platter… a great way to highlight how your food business and chefs are utilising local foods.

Contact Nicole McLennan by email or on 02 6648 4834 to discuss what you would like to showcase.

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